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We are a Canadian biotechnology start-up hoping to transform the modern healthcare institution.

A study in the British medical journal showed that, on average, one patient death a day stemmed from accidents due to poor treatment and lack of resources. This is easily preventable by reinforced resource protocols.

We aim to develop an innovative, low-cost, and modular instrument to monitor vital physiological parameters, and software that facilitates secure real-time remote access to patient data. The online system will learn to detect a plethora of medical conditions unlike any traditional monitoring devices. This would drastically improve the dynamic of many healthcare institutions worldwide.

Our Amazing Team

We want to make your world better.

Akshay Puli


Aahlad Puli


Yolina Petkova


Ahmed Arbab


Kyle Conway

Lead Mechanical Engineer.

Anirudh Nalumaru

Medical Consultant.

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